Train To Busan

A 2016 horror movie that took Netflix by storm, Train To Busan is an absolute must see for any horror fan….and action fan. This film requires you to read subtitles, but don’t let that discourage you from seeing what this movie has to offer. It starts out pretty quickly, and does not let go untilContinue reading “Train To Busan”

Horror Genres, Pt.1

Their are many different genres and sub-genres to choose from, but which would you say is the one you enjoy the most? The one you enjoy the least? Reason? Or, like me, you simply enjoy all of them. In this little post, we will go over a couple of the genres, and what each bringsContinue reading “Horror Genres, Pt.1”

The Crumbs

Directed by: David J Espinosa Written by: Craig Ahrens and David J Espinosa 2020, 1 hr, 50 min. Featured on Amazon Prime Starring: Jeff Hatch as Dr. Benjamin Crumb Maria Olsen as Irene Crumb David j Esipinsosa as Angel Valente Anton Clark as Leonard Craig Ahrens as Homeless Man Alena Gerard as Mrs. Smith ****SPOILERS****Continue reading “The Crumbs”

Texas Frightmare Weekend 2019, Pt. 1, Felissa Rose

***SPOILERS*** Texas Frightmare Weekend 2019 took place May3rd-May 5th at the Hyatt Regency DFW Airport in Dallas , Texas. It attracts millions of horror fans from all across the globe get a chance to meet their favorite actors/actresses’, and to make some new friends. I had previously posted about my meeting Nick Castle and RobertContinue reading “Texas Frightmare Weekend 2019, Pt. 1, Felissa Rose”

Halloween and meeting Nick Castle

One of the classics. This is probably one of the best horror films hands-down. Since 1978 this film has been scaring teenagers and even some adults to make sure and double-check the deadbolt on their doors before they go to bed. This movie set the tone for a lot more to follow. Personally, this isContinue reading “Halloween and meeting Nick Castle”

Playing With Horror

Kicking back and enjoying a horror flick or book is one thing, but what if you were to actually engage yourself in the story? What if you were the main character that everyone was rooting for? Well, you can experience that if you’re a gamer. Their has been quite a few horror video games releasedContinue reading “Playing With Horror”

Scariest Movie?

We’ve all came across this question before. What would you consider to be the most frightening film you’ve ever had the “pleasure” of watching? Too many, including myself, their is one name that seemingly pops up all the time. You already know it.   The Exorcist. This movie was causing people to literally drop inContinue reading “Scariest Movie?”