Bad Ben, 2016

Bad Ben is 2016 horror comedy starring Nigel Bach. The estimated budget for the film was roughly around $300. Do not let that dissuade you from enjoying this hidden gem! It is a found footage film and it will make you laugh, and at times, creep you out just a little.

The story revolves around Tom Riley, played by Nigel Bach (also the director), who purchases a house at a sheriffs’ sale. The opening scene shows Tom driving down the now infamous Steelmanville Road and talking about his plans with his newly acquired house. Upon arriving, we are greeted with a beautiful two story house and a huge front lawn that would be a pain to mow by hand in the summer heat.

The walk-way as you can tell is lit up to the front porch. When he arrives, he can tell he will make a lot of money with this. Upon entering the house, he sees that the former tenants have left behind all of their belongings. Thousands of dollars worth of stuff. This would be a red flag to most, but to Tom is blissfully unaware of the dangers that lurk ahead.

He heads upstairs to check out the rest of the house when he hears a loud “bang” come from downstairs. He rushes back expecting to find people, but finds no one. Instead, he finds his furniture has been thrown about. Red flag 3. He gives his buddy a call who is tech savvy and asks him to rewatch and then email him the results. He also calls the police to come and search for the would be intruder. Nothing.

After going from room to room he notices that their are cameras everywhere in the house. Red flag two. He just wonders why their were so many, but never gives any thought of paranormal activity. He takes a walk on the property and notices a shed that is locked. He will come back for this later. He takes a stroll through the woods, and not too much longer, stumbles upon a make-shift burial plot with a childrens’ toy. A huge rock is lying in the middle of the grave with rocks surrounding it.

He makes the mistake of taking the toy, and kicking the crucifix and rocks over to the side to not creep out potential buyers. Heading back in, all sorts of crazy things happen. Doors opening, more funiture redecorating, and poor Tom not accepting the fact that something is causing this, not a someone, until he gets a call from his friend and sees for himself on the camera, that the sofa, chairs, and table all moved by themselves.

NO MORE!!!! I do not wanna give away anymore details about this film. I think it is a great movie and I have watched this along with the sequels quite a few times. Their is also a prequel. This movie is very well made for such a limited budget. Nigel also did not have a script while filming. He thought of all the dialogue right off the top of his head. That is very impressive!

I hope you start to check this movie out. You can catch it on Prime.

Starring: Nigel Bach as Tom Riley, 5/5

Until next time….stay scary, stay safe!!!!!

Published by Brooder

I have a passion for anything horror. I am 37 years old and have been a huge fan since I was only 5. Come join the fun!! Stay scary and safe friends!!

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