Horror Genres, Pt.1

Their are many different genres and sub-genres to choose from, but which would you say is the one you enjoy the most? The one you enjoy the least? Reason? Or, like me, you simply enjoy all of them. In this little post, we will go over a couple of the genres, and what each brings to the table.

Slashers are fun to watch! The most popular genre in the horror field, this should come at no surprise. What is more fun than being chased by a weapon weilding maniac only to think you have gotten away, only to trip and fall and get stabbed in the back or a nice decapitation? The blood and gore, sexual content, drug, and alcohol abuse may turn a lot of people off to this genre, but for us hardcore horror fans, we know that is just what come with the territory.

Psychological horror is a very interesting genre. What is lacks up for in the the above, it makes up for in pure thrill and suspense. Sometimes, these are actually better to give you a nice chill up your spine and make you squirm in your seat. While trying to figure out what is actually going on, you are left with only your imagination until the final climax…but not always.

These movies have also been around for quite some time, with The Silence of The Lambs being arguably the most popular. While it does incorporate some of the slasher qualities, it more than makes up for in the pure suspense we spoke of earlier. I tend to enjoy these just as much as the previous because any horror flick to me, is worth a watch.

The Shining is another shining example of a psychological horror done 100% correctly. It will leave you guessing what is to come, with suspicions arising throughout as the film progresses. This is one of my all time favorite flicks because the story is superbly crafted to fit Jack Nicholsons’ character. His visions become darker and darker, leaving the audience with a pretty much, but not quite clear, understanding on exactly how this movie is going to end.

Let me know what you think about these! I will delve even deeper into the genres and we will explore some gems along the way in case you missed them.

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Until next time, stay scary, stay safe!!

Published by Brooder

I have a passion for anything horror. I am 37 years old and have been a huge fan since I was only 5. Come join the fun!! Stay scary and safe friends!!

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