Texas Frightmare Weekend 2019, Pt. 1, Felissa Rose


Texas Frightmare Weekend 2019 took place May3rd-May 5th at the Hyatt Regency DFW Airport in Dallas , Texas. It attracts millions of horror fans from all across the globe get a chance to meet their favorite actors/actresses’, and to make some new friends. I had previously posted about my meeting Nick Castle and Robert Englund, so I thought I should write about the experience as a whole, and the other celebrities I was fortunate enough to meet.

First up is Felissa Rose who played Angela in the cult classic Sleepaway Camp that was released on Nov. 18th, 1983. It was directed by Robert Hiltzik. The story is simplistic in nature, but has such a twist at the ending you will be left shaking your head in utter disbelief, as was I. The movie is about a young girl that is sent away to a summer camp by her aunt Dr. Martha Thomas, played by Desiree Gould, along with her cousin Ricky, played by Jonathan Tiersten.

Most of the film looks at the relationship between Angela and Ricky, as he is attempting to protect her from bullies. While she is shy, some of the fellow girls’ try to interact with her, but she is socially awkard. She even has a young boy interested in her, but their relationship becomes strained after he kisses her. Paul, played by Christopher Collet, evidently wanted to take their friendship to the next level. She is mocked by some of the other camp goers, but that won’t happen for too much longer. After some time, the bullies start killed in gruesome ways, as the everyone is now scared out of their minds as to whom the killer is, and who the next victim will be, and why.

The camp cook, Artie, played by Owen Hughes, attempts to violate Angela, however, her cousin comes to her rescue and gets her safely out of harms way. Not too long after, somebody knocks over boiling water on Artie, causing intense scalding. It was ruled an accident.

As usual, I am trying my best not to give too much away for the sake of those who have not seen this nice addidtion to the slasher genre. If you have not watched this hidden gem, you should do so when you have some free time available.

The counselors’ believe that Ricky is the antagonist, and he receives a vicious beating. Not too long after, two counselors happen upon Angela at the beach, running her hands through hair of boy on the beach. They soon discover that the head has been severed, and she is holding a blood soaked knife. Of course, the killer was just named, but I will leave the details of the ending out.

Meeting Felissa Rose was such fun! She is such a sweetheart. Very warm and appreciative of her fans, she will give away multiple hugs and make you feel good about yourself, all while being extremely salt of the earth type, and humble about her role in one of the most slept on slasher films.

Next up in my blog will be about meeting Tom Savini, the legendary special effects makeup artist for numerous films. Please like and follow, comment your thoughts on this film. Thank you very much, and until next time…stay scary, stay safe!!!

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I have a passion for anything horror. I am 37 years old and have been a huge fan since I was only 5. Come join the fun!! Stay scary and safe friends!!

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