Scariest Movie?

We’ve all came across this question before. What would you consider to be the most frightening film you’ve ever had the “pleasure” of watching? Too many, including myself, their is one name that seemingly pops up all the time. You already know it.


The Exorcist. This movie was causing people to literally drop in theaters from shock. It sounds pretty far fetched now, but back then….yep. It happened. Personally, the movie is the scariest because of the realism of it. An innocent child is taken over by Captain Howdy, a.k.a. Satan, and pretty much uses the chance to get out every profanity while also saying some pretty derogatory obscenities’. Not to mention the nice visuals that accompany the film as it progresses. What’s not to love!?


Released in 1973, this film still gives me the creeps. I honestly do not believe anything will surpass it in terms of sheer, genuine fright. The gurgling voice, the iconic head spin, and the green vomit are just some of the effects that make this movie great. The spider walk down the stairs in the extended release was terrifying. This movie legitimately scared me as a kid.


I could hear her voice and I knew it was going to be a restless night. So many flicks have claimed to the scariest, yet none in my opinion will go as far as this to make you look over your shoulder more than once and possibly run to the nearest Wal-mart and buy a night-light.


In 2017 a movie premiered on Netflix called Veronica, which again, claimed to be the scariest movie ever made. Upon reading about it, I was curious. Although I knew it would match up to The Exorcist at all. Reading about how people were having to turn it off not even halfway through because they could not take it anymore was clearly a marketing strategy. Effective as it gained enormous popularity, even with critics taking it apart piece by piece.


It wasn’t that it was bad. It was the fact that it was way too over-hyped. If it hadn’t been for that singular reason I believe it would have done so much better.


But, I digress. Let me know what you think. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to hang out with me for a few. Stay scary, stay safe!!

Published by Brooder

I have a passion for anything horror. I am 37 years old and have been a huge fan since I was only 5. Come join the fun!! Stay scary and safe friends!!

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