Meeting Robert Englund

In the summer of May 2019, I was fortunate enough to meet the legend himself. My idol. The man that introduced me to the world of horror when I was just five years old. Standing in line for over six hours was well worth it. Their were a lot of people there, and my legs were beginning to give way. Slouching up against the wall, I noticed the line starting to move. I was next!!

I approached the table, and began telling him everything. About how he got me into horror, and how I had followed his career. He did not even look up. I then mentioned a movie he had appeared in, opposite the late Sid Haig, called Galaxy of Terror from 1981. He immediately looked up at me, threw his arms in the air, and said, “Oh, c’mon!!.”

Then, he started to talk to me! I couldn’t believe it. I was actually speaking with Fred Krueger himself. This was wild. He was talking about people doing their own stunts in the movie and getting injured, and how he almost could not believe I had brought it up. I got my autograph. My name is Jason, so he writes….

I thought that was the most badass thing he could write. We shook hands and I made my way back up to my hotel room where I needed to lie down. I dared not to fall asleep because in just a couple of hours, I would be able to get my picture taken with him. I played around on my phone, called my sister, walked around the room….anything to keep myself awake.

5:00pm….it was time to head down and get my picture. Their was such a rush of people it was overwhelming. Security had to stop a lot of them just tell them not to trample others, and that we would all get our chance. When it was my turn, I walked up to him and smiled and said, “Hey, remember me?” and started laughing. He smirked. I had a chain around my neck and he, now wearing his iconic glove, hooked two blades underneath it, pulled me closer and said it his “Freddy voice”…..”I told you to change your fucking name!” Then, FLASH! pic taken, we shook hands again and I thanked him, and they hurried me out of there.

My experience: He is a very down to earth guy who loves to chat with fans, does not have an ego, and has a very good sense of humor. If you ever have the opportunity of meeting him, do it!!! You’ll never regret it. I remember wearing a fedora when I was 6 on the Freddy hotline in my hometown of Dayton, Oh just so I could hear my idol talk. Some might say it is strange that a child would look up to a fictional serial killer, but hey…who are they to judge!?

If you are wondering where I met him, it was at Texas Frightmare Weekend 2019 at the Hyatt Regency DFW Airport.

Thank you for reading my blog and feel free to leave any comments. Stay scary, stay safe!!!

Published by Brooder

I have a passion for anything horror. I am 37 years old and have been a huge fan since I was only 5. Come join the fun!! Stay scary and safe friends!!

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